India exceeds 20 million contamination threshold

In India, the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to dictate its law. In fact, according to the point spoken about this evil this Tuesday May 4th, 20 million cases have been recorded since this pandemic began. Furthermore, according to the Ministry of Health, it is recorded that 357,229 new contaminations were registered in the last 24 hours. 3,449 new deaths were also recorded. These new numbers bring the death toll to 222,408.

Some health professionals still believe that these numbers released by health officials are far from reality. The main cause of this outbreak, according to some, is also linked to religious and political gatherings that have been approved in recent months, as well as the inaction of Narendra Modi’s government. Experts accuse him of caring more about the image he wants to leave behind than about managing this pandemic.

The management of the Indian authorities called into question

“Narendra Modi is obsessed with the place he will leave in the story and his desire to compete with Gandhi. The Mahatma is the only figure that matters to him. As he is now trying to get out of the political sphere, he preaches the good word when he speaks to his contemporaries about morality, family and order. “, Indicated the analysis, Christophe Jaffrelot, researcher at CERI-Science Po. Note that these numbers are occurring in India as the United States is weakening various measures to deal with the crisis.

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