Innovations To Dictate Growth For The Biodegradable Electronics Market In The Next Decade

Electronics consisting of biodegradable and renewable materials and has minimum amount of toxic materials are Biodegradable Electronics. Biodegradable Electronics are also referred as transient electronics. Biodegradable Electronics are electronic systems or devices with restricted lifecycle owing to their ability to biodegrade. Biodegradable Electronics are robust, small, give high performance and also are Biocompatible.

They dissolve completely in water or in body fluid (also used as medical purpose). Biodegradable Electronics are used for medical implants to perform crucial diagnosis and therapeutic functions and after some time they dissolve or resorb by the bodily fluids.

Biodegradable Electronics materials are Electro chromic, conductors, dielectric and luminescent. These materials are used to make Biodegradable Electronic components such as  active components (Transistors, Diodes, Sensors) and passive components (Traces, Antenna, Resistors and Capacitors).

Biodegradable Electronics are also used in environmental monitors like in wireless sensors which disappears after a chemical spill and they degrade overtime without any impact on ecosystem and hence reducing e-waste. Also, another major application of Biodegradable Electronics is in consumer electronics or their sub component which are compostable, decrease e-waste generated by electronic systems such as cellular phones or portable devices etc.

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Biodegradable electronics is an emerging technology and its ability to dissolve on its own is the key driver of Biodegradable electronics market.  Increased Biocompatibility of Biodegradable electronics is leading its market in biomedical application like neuron interfacing and these implantations are providing many opportunities as well.

With rapid growing consumer electronics, use of Biodegradable electronics is in huge demand hence driving the global Biodegradable electronics market to great extent. Moreover, growing research and development in medical and increasing implantation techniques in medical treatment will open more opportunities in coming future.

Other key factor driving the market of Biodegradable electronics is increasing end use of organic sensors and organic electronics. Additionally, increasing initiatives by government and many organizations to reduce e-waste will call for Biodegradable electronics thereby potentially contributing to Biodegradable electronics market revenue.

OLED (organic light emitting device) is needed in almost all the consumer electronics therefore Biodegradable electronics owns a lion’s share in Biodegradable electronic Market and it is expected to see accelerating growth in coming years also.

On the other hand, the low lifecycle of these Biodegradable electronics is affecting the growth of Biodegradable electronics market. Also, non-compatibility of Biodegradable electronics with typical goods & less robustness are causing hurdles in adoption of Biodegradable electronics.

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Hence hindering the global market growth of Biodegradable electronics. Low resistance to water, less electrical conductivity, high cost of development and presence of better technology are the factors restraining and complicating the market growth of Biodegradable electronics.

Biodegradable Electronics Market Segmentation

Component type
  • Active Components ( Transistors, Diodes, Sensors)
  • Passive Components ( Traces, Antenna, Resistors and Capacitors )
Product type
  • Conductors
  • Dielectric
  • Luminescent
  • Electro chromic
  • Photovoltaic Cells
  • OLED Lighting
  • Displays
  • Solar Batteries
  • Memory Devices
  • Other

Asia Pacific owns the market of Biodegradable electronics owing to increasing demand of consumer electronics. Also, Asia Pacific is the home of key players of Biodegradable electronics manufacturers and suppliers of smart phones and display electronics.

‘Zero waste economy’ Initiative by Europe to reduce electronic waste (e-waste) will fetch a lot of business of Biodegradable electronics and grow its market in near future.

NESREA (National Environmental standard and regulation Enforcement Agency) of South Africa’s proposal of ‘wastePlan’ to lower the e-waste in the region will call for more Biodegradable electronics and boost its market.

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