Is Armin Laschet’s ballot invalid? |

The candidate for the post of chancellor of the Union voted for the federal elections. Apparently he made a mistake.

Chemnitz / Aachen.

Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet voted on Sunday at his home in Aachen. With his wife Susanne, he voted in the federal election shortly after 11 a.m. And because the ballots of the highest political leaders are always accompanied by many media, you now also know what Laschet voted: he put the two crosses on the CDU. This can be seen in the photos because the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia did not fold his ballot correctly. Does that mean his vote is invalid?

On the home page of the Federal Returning Officer, it is stated that the ballot in the voting booth must be filled in and folded in such a way that the voting decision cannot be recognized. Otherwise, the election would not be secret. Armin Laschet ignored him. In such cases, the electoral commission must intervene on the spot and refuse to accept the ballot. The old paper must then be destroyed immediately by the voter in the presence of a member of the electoral commission.

This did not happen in the case of Laschet. This does not mean that his vote is invalid.

Even if you make more than two crosses, add comments or even a signature, the ballot is not valid. Photographing and filming in the voting booth is also prohibited.

In such a case, there is always the possibility to vote. After destroying the old piece of paper, you can request a new ballot and vote again according to the rules. (h / alder / dpa)

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