ISIS terrorist militia claims rocket attack in Kabul |

According to media reports, several rockets were fired at Kabul airport. A branch of the Islamic State terrorist militia claims the attack for itself.

Kabul (AP) – The terrorist branch of the Islamic State (IS) militia, active in Afghanistan, claimed responsibility for the missile attack at Kabul airport.

“Caliphate soldiers” attacked the airport with six Katyusha rockets, IS-Khorasan, as ISIS calls itself in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Nashir News platform reported on Monday. It was also confirmed that people were injured in the attack. At first, there was no confirmation of possible casualties or damage, regardless of ISIS’s statement.

At least five rockets were reportedly fired at Kabul airport on Monday morning. A missile defense system had been activated, CNN television reported, citing US government officials. This can destroy objects that approach with a machine gun before they reach their target.

Daesh first appeared in Afghanistan in early 2015. It wants to establish a “province” there and on Pakistani territory called IS-Khorasan and has carried out attacks mainly against Shiite targets. US and Afghan security forces have attacked its positions several times a week in recent years. Despite great ideological proximity, ISIS is at war with the Taliban, who seized power in Afghanistan two weeks ago.

Dozens of people were killed in an IS attack at the airport on Thursday, including 13 American soldiers and two British. Broadcasters like CNN have reported up to 200 deaths. US President Joe Biden on Sunday warned of possible additional attacks around Kabul airport. ISIS had already repeatedly attacked Kabul with rockets.

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