Israel tests first oral vaccine

The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim many lives around the world. First discovered in China, the virus was exported very quickly and today almost every country in the world is affected by the disease. The death toll around the world is increasing daily. In view of this, vaccines have been developed by laboratories.

Most countries then began mass vaccination to achieve herd immunity. The fact is, however, that despite the many educational messages from the states, many people are still against vaccinations. In this context, Israel is preparing to carry out tests with a new form of the vaccine. Developed by Oramed Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with an Indian start-up, Oravax is in the form of a pill.

A vaccine in the form of a pill

Phase 1 testing of this new form of the vaccine has already started in Israel. According to the information we have, 24 people are taking part in the test of the vaccine, which, if effective, will protect the person ingesting it from Covid-19. Based on the composition of the pill, which contains 3 structural proteins from the virus, Oramed Pharmaceuticals Director Nadav Kidron says that “our vaccine should be much better at responding to future mutations in the virus” before proceeding “if.” a variant is successful “To bypass the first line of defense there will be a second and then a third.

It creates “a revolution for the whole world” when the results of the tests are conclusive. In any case, it is certain that it will be possible to speed up vaccination worldwide without mobilizing a large medical staff, as is currently the case. It should be noted that other European scientists discuss the issues with great caution. Only the results of the tests will be able to draw the appropriate conclusions.

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