Israeli air strikes on Gaza after the launch of a fire balloon

(Jerusalem) Israel launched air strikes on Gaza on Monday after launching balloons into its territory from the Palestinian enclave that caused bushfires.

Posted on Aug 23, 2021 at 5:45 pm

The raids, which targeted locations in Gaza City, Khan Younes (south) and Jabalia (north), left no casualties but caused material damage, a Palestinian security source in the enclave said.

The Hamas armed movement, which is in power in Gaza, fired at Israeli planes, the source added on condition of anonymity, without giving any further details.

When asked by AFP, the army declined to comment immediately.

Fire balloons that were shot down from the Gaza enclave ignited fires on Israeli soil early Monday, firefighters said in a statement.

These attacks follow other Israeli attacks on Saturday night on the Palestinian enclave, which the Israeli army said targeted “four arms factories and storage facilities” owned by Hamas.

The raids came on Saturday after clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli army on the sidelines of demonstrations organized along the barrier between Gaza and Israel.

According to Hamas, around 40 Palestinians were injured by Israeli fire in the clashes, while the Israeli security forces also reported one seriously injured in their ranks.

The Jewish state holds Hamas responsible for all actions taken from the enclave against its territory, which has been under Israeli blockade for almost fifteen years and which has two million inhabitants.

Israel and Hamas fought an 11-day lightning strike in May that, according to local authorities, killed 260 Palestinians, including fighters, in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In Israel, according to police and army reports, thirteen people, including one soldier, died in rocket fire from Gaza.

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