Israeli attacks on Gaza

(Gaza) Israel carried out attacks in the Gaza Strip on Monday night after firing arson balloons into its territory from the Palestinian enclave, causing bushfires.

Posted on Sep 6, 2021 at 6:34 pm

“Fighter jets were aimed at a Hamas missile facility and a Hamas military compound in Khan Younes in the southern Gaza Strip at night,” the IDF said in a statement.

These attacks are in retaliation for the incendiary balloons that were fired into Israeli territory by the Islamist Hamas in power in Gaza, she added.

According to a Palestinian security source in the Gaza Strip, several rockets fell on a Hamas armed wing training camp in the Khan Younes area. Witnesses reported that the army also fired artillery in the north of the micro-territory.

According to medical sources in the Gaza Strip, the strikes did not result in any deaths.

Israeli firefighters had reported three bush fires in Israeli communities near the enclave the day before, caused by fire balloons.

The strikes come after six Palestinian prisoners, most of whom are members of Islamic Jihad, another armed group that operates in Gaza, escaped from an Israeli prison. According to the military, Israeli security forces set up checkpoints around Gaza on Monday to prevent refugees from entering.

“The Zionist Bombardment of Gaza is an Attempt at Occupation” [Israël] to cover up their inability and failure to face the struggle of our people, especially after the heroic operation in which six militants of our people snatched their freedom from Gilboa prison, “commented Hazem Qassem, a door – Hamas said in an explanation.

The Jewish state holds Hamas responsible for all actions taken against its territory from the enclave, which has been under Israeli blockade for almost 15 years and in which two million people live.

The Israeli Air Force has carried out several similar attacks in the past few weeks. Tensions also persist along the Gaza-Israel border fence, where clashes between demonstrators and the army left several dead and dozens injured.

Israel and Hamas waged an 11-day war in May that, according to local authorities, killed 260 Palestinians, including fighters, in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In Israel, according to police and army reports, thirteen people, including one soldier, died in rocket fire from Gaza.

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