Japan’s first space elevator sent to orbit

The race for space tourism continues around the world. Obviously, Japan has taken a new step in this area with the launch of the first space elevator. The exercise was made possible by the Japanese company Obayashi Corp. The launch was delayed a few years ago for various reasons. These include the weather and the rocket propulsion system.

According to the latest information, the STARS-Me device has arrived on board the International Space Station (ISS). It could also be implemented. The scientists who worked on the project did not stop expressing their satisfaction with the result of the launch.

“We are very happy…”

“We are very pleased that the first space elevator satellite has been successfully launched. […]. Our mission is important, this is the first demonstration of a space elevator in the world, ”said Masahiro Nohmi, a scientist who worked on the project. “The current technological levels are not yet sufficient to materialize the concept,” for its part wanted to point out the company Obayashi Corp while expressing its optimism. For Japanese society, the plan is still possible in its realization.

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