Jeff Bezos’ company at the heart of a great controversy

The company of wealthy American businessman Jeff Bezos is at the center of a controversy. In fact, through a text that has been made public on the web, some workers of his space company deplore the practices that prevail within Blue Origin. The authors of this text wanted to remain anonymous on their initiative. They regret the fact that Jeff Bezos’ space company does not really take environmental and safety challenges into account in its activities.

Accusations of “sexism”

They also point the finger at the “sexism” that also reigns supreme within the company. “We should not wait for the loss of human life to look at what is happening behind the doors of private space companies”, can be read in the text of the employees of the wealthy American businessman. The text that is published a few days before the second manned flight of Blue Origin also points the finger at the competition that has taken charge of the safety-related issues.

Safety relegated to second place?

“Competition with other billionaires […] it prevailed over security concerns that would have delayed the schedule, ”employees said. Let’s note however that the company put aside most of the accusations that were made and announced the opening of an investigation to clarify all this.

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