Jeff Bezos finances a company that wants to extend human life

The wealthy Amazon boss would obviously like to fight old age. Indeed, according to information from certain media, Jeff Bezos would have invested several million euros in a company specializing in the “reversal of aging.” He would have allied with the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to support the company called Altos Labs.

About 270 million euros of financing

According to information collected by the US media Dazed, the company has managed to raise around 270 million euros as part of the development of its activities. The startup is believed to be owned by Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka. He is known for his work on the genetic reprogramming of cells. The technique would be key to immortality or eternal life according to information reported on the activities of the company called Altos Labs.

The structure of the Japanese scientist would not be the only one interested in this technology that would have the merit of prolonging terrestrial life. The difference is that only Shinya Yamanaka’s company will have managed to attract so many donors to continue its activities.

Several scientists recruited

Altos Labs has already hired several renowned scientists for the development of its activities. Among other things, we highlight the presence in his team of Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte. The latter is known to have conducted research on the creation of a human and porcine chimera. He would also have distinguished himself for his research on the reversal of cellular aging.

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