Jeff Bezos flies into space on Tuesday with 3 lucky ones

Nearly a week ago, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson successfully flew into space and returned to Earth aboard Virgin’s rocket-powered plane. Making him the first billionaire to travel into space aboard a spaceship that he helped fund. And on July 20, another extremely wealthy human being prepares to do the same, recent former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos, aboard a rocket built by his space flight company, Blue Origin, will fly into space. At his side, his brother Mark and two other people who will undoubtedly make history.

Another world first …

If Jeff Bezos couldn’t beat Branson and become the first billionaire to go into space, the flight scheduled for Tuesday is no less exceptional. The flight will be the culmination of nearly two decades of rocket research and work. Blue Origin officially emerged in 2015 after more than a decade of silence, revealing to the world its reusable rocket, New Shepard. Fifteen test flights later, New Shepard is ready to transport humans to the cosmic shore and return them safely to Earth.

And Bezos is the first to experience it, and if successful, the Amazon founder will make history by participating in the first unmanned suborbital flight with a civilian crew. But not alone, he will do it in the company of two world records. Mary Wallace, also known as Wally Funk, 82, one of the pioneers of aeronautics, will be the oldest astronaut of all time, and Oliver Daeman, 18, the youngest astronaut of all time.

Daemen was announced a few days ago as the last passenger on the historic mission. Blue Origin said in a statement that the aspiring pilot will be the company’s first paying customer, but is not the winner of the auction in which $ 28 million was paid for the privilege. Wally Funk, meanwhile, passed all the tests to become a NASA astronaut, as he aspired to fly in a Project Mercury capsule in the 1960s. But the opportunity did not arise. This Tuesday, Bezos will give you the last chance to fulfill the passion of your life

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