Joe Biden criticizes Supreme Court decision on abortion

(Washington) President Joe Biden on Thursday busted the US Supreme Court’s refusal to block a restrictive abortion law in Texas, “an unprecedented assault on the constitutional rights of women.”

Posted on Sep 2, 2021 at 12:33 pm

The decision of the Higher Regional Court made in the middle of the night “causes unconstitutional chaos” and “offends the rule of law,” he added in a snappy press release.

“The ramifications of last night’s decision will be immediate and require an immediate response,” he said, calling on his government to “find measures to ensure that women in Texas have completely safe and legal access to abortion” and clinics and Doctors protect against possible lawsuits.

Texas law, which forbids abortion once the embryo’s heartbeat is detected, “is so extreme that it makes no exception for rape or incest,” pounded the White House tenant.

In addition, “it gives ordinary citizens the power to sue health workers or relatives of women who exercise their voting rights” whether or not they want to continue a pregnancy, he noted.

“Complete strangers can now meddle in the most intimate and personal health decisions women face,” said Joe Biden. Worse still, according to him, “the law encourages them to do so with the promise of $ 10,000 if they win in court.”

“Instead of using its supreme authority to ensure justice is done with fairness, our nation’s highest court will leave millions of women behind in Texas […] suffer while the courts are examining the procedural complexities, ”criticized the White House tenant again.

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