Kramp-Karrenbauer demands clear consequences from the EU |

The EU has many questions following the dramatic events in Afghanistan. On the sidelines of a ministerial meeting in Slovenia, Foreign Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer made clear demands.

Berlin / Kranj (dpa) – Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has called for clear consequences of the defeat in Afghanistan on the sidelines of a meeting of EU defense ministers.

“The sober truth about Afghanistan is this: we Europeans hardly resisted the Americans’ decision to pull out because we couldn’t afford one due to the lack of our own capabilities,” he said. the CDU politician said Thursday, which she also shared on Twitter. .

Whether Afghanistan is “truly a permanent defeat for the West will be decided by the conclusions we are currently drawing in Europe and the United States,” Kramp-Karrenbauer said. “If Afghanistan’s conclusions were a split between the EU and NATO, or between Europe and the United States, or a withdrawal from international engagement, then the West would in fact have lost.”

She called for a strengthening of Europe in order to strengthen the Western alliance overall, on a par with the United States. “The European debate cannot stop on the question of whether or not we want a ‘European reaction force’. The question is not at all whether we are in the process of building up an additional European force. The military capabilities of EU countries are available. “

The central question for the future of European security and defense policy is how military capabilities can finally be used jointly in the EU – with effective decision-making processes, real joint exercises and joint missions. It should also be checked whether the EU Member States define regional responsibilities for security, jointly train special forces and jointly organize important competences such as strategic airlift and satellite reconnaissance.

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