Kreise: Laschet admits his mistakes and apologizes |

Berlin (dpa) – CDU boss Armin Laschet admitted his own mistakes in the election campaign at the founding meeting of the shrunken Union parliamentary group. As a leading candidate, he also made mistakes himself, Laschet said, according to participants at the parliamentary group meeting at the Bundestag in Berlin.

He regrets it very much. And he wanted to apologize to those who were affected.

Group leader Ralph Brinkhaus said participants said the top candidate failed to reach voters. CSU boss Markus Söder thanked MPs for the hard fighting.

The Union had suffered a debacle during the elections, it fell from 32.9% to an all-time low of 24.1%. Laschet had made several mistakes in the election campaign.

Laschet and Söder had previously proposed to Union deputies the re-election of former parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) for six months. According to information from the German news agency, Laschet said among the participants in the parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday that it was a joint proposal by him and Söder.

Laschet said: “The fact that other candidates, who can also imagine, have consented to this is a strong sign of the community we need now.” Laschet received a lot of applause for these words, he said.

The compromise aimed to defuse the dispute over the chairmanship of the group. Laschet initially proposed on Monday that Brinkhaus remain in office until the constitutive session of the new Bundestag on October 26. Brinkhaus had indignantly rejected this proposal – he had initially insisted on a one-year election, as is the custom in the parliamentary group after a federal election. The CSU was also unwilling to support such a proposal.

It had been speculated that there could be a fight for the presidency of the parliamentary group on Tuesday. Among others, the names of Health Minister Jens Spahn, former Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz and foreign politician Norbert Röttgen were mentioned as possible opponents of Brinkhaus. Participants also said Laschet was able to engage Spahn, Merz, Röttgen and Brinkhaus in the common line during a meeting of the North Rhine-Westphalia State Group just before the parliamentary group meeting.

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