Kremlin publishes photos of Putin on vacation |

The Russian president has traditionally used his summer vacation to show off himself. This year, Putin has been effective in the media while fishing – and looking into the distance, lost in thought.

Moscow (AP) – Vladimir Putin catches a fish out of the water, walks through a field of camouflage-colored heather and continues to gaze thoughtfully into the distance: the Kremlin has released photos of the Russian president on vacation.

State television also broadcast more than ten minutes of videos made available by the Kremlin press office that were recorded during the trip to southern Siberia in early September. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, a close friend of Putin, was also present for the first time.

The video shows the director of a nature reserve explaining to the head of the Kremlin that there are currently around 600 bears living in his area. It’s “neat,” Putin said with appreciation.

Putin in awe of the deer

The 68-year-old is also in awe of a pack of red deer he and Schoigu had observed in the taiga: “I’ve never seen anything like it.” If the deer were in the Olympics, Putin jokes, no one would be able to face them. You can see him later settling down comfortably in a tent for the night.

Putin, who isolated himself more than a week ago due to cases of corona in his environment, took the stage on several occasions with strong images during a trip. In the past, among other things, he rode a shirtless horse or presented a huge fish that he had previously taken out of the water.

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