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The United States wants to withdraw its troops from Kabul airport in the coming days. Then, it is no longer possible for Germany to continue the evacuation flights. Armin Laschet is disappointed.

Düsseldorf (dpa) – Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) has described the impending end of the Kabul evacuation flights as another “defeat of the West” against militant Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan.

The fact that the United States in particular, which invented an airlift to Berlin for the Germans after World War II, cannot stay in Afghanistan longer than August 31 “is a bitter disappointment.” This is what the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia said Thursday in Düsseldorf. Even after August 31, the goal must be to get people out of Afghanistan by civil aviation or by land.

For German foreign policy, this means: “Such a thing must never happen again,” said the CDU politician. Therefore, a National Security Council within the Federal Chancellery is necessary in the future. The evacuation mission of the German armed forces is expected to end shortly due to the imminent withdrawal of the American armed forces from the airport and the growing terrorist threat.

Laschet had invited representatives of humanitarian and human rights organizations to a roundtable in Düsseldorf, which was also attended by women’s rights activist Zarifa Ghafari, mayor of Maidan Shahr. Ghafari fled to Germany a few days ago and was welcomed with her family in Düsseldorf.

Ghafari offered to negotiate with Taliban leaders on women’s rights in Afghanistan. She is even ready to return to Afghanistan for that. “I am ready to talk to them, anywhere in the world,” Ghafari said. The Taliban can no longer be pushed back like 20 years ago. “No one will help us in this situation.” For 20 years women fought so hard for all rights, now it’s all gone. But the Taliban couldn’t build Afghanistan without women.

Laschet said particularly threatened and easily identifiable women, such as bloggers and human rights activists, must first be helped. “We expect the Taliban to grant women safe conduct.” But it must also be negotiated with the Taliban. There is not any other way. There can be no cooperation with the Taliban if fundamental rights are not respected.

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