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Berlin (dpa) – Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet, who is under pressure, for the first time specifically linked a central election campaign topic with leaders and thus began the presentation of a team.

Four weeks before the federal election, the CDU chairman on Monday asked the two members of the Bundestag, Andreas Jung and Thomas Heilmann, as well as the young politician Wiebke Winter, to explain the details of an energy newspaper . It is called “A turbo for renewable energies”. Laschet was happy with the Trielli the day before, although he subsequently hurt in a quick poll by the Forsa Institute.

Now we’re finally talking about things, Laschet said after a CDU presidium meeting. “That was the big advantage of the triell: 105 minutes focused on politics and differences.” He looks forward to the next triell. When asked how frustrating it was that, despite his committed appearance, he performed relatively poorly in RTL and ntv, the CDU boss replied: “Not at all. Five million people have looked, that’s what worries me. ”One could address what was asked how in the following investigation.

Quick survey in Triell

In a representative quick poll, the Forsa Institute asked about 2,500 eligible viewers to vote who won the triumph. With only 25 percent, Laschet came out the worst. 36% saw the SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz in the lead, 30% saw the green candidate Annalena Baerbock.

Particularly because of the poor results of the polls, Laschet had long been asked in the ranks of the Union to rely more on a team. “I have been a team player since I have been in politics,” he said on Monday. Until the election, he will nominate other personalities who defend certain questions of the Union. He has the “huge treasure” that there are also such heads in the CDU. “It’s the problem with the competitors that they don’t even have one. And that’s why I want to show them too. “

In the CDU’s energy document, it is written: “Germany needs a renewable turbo. The country must cover 100% of its electricity needs from renewable energies “as soon as possible”. Businesses and individuals will need much more electricity in the future than they do today. “This electricity must be sustainable, regenerative and from renewable sources – and this electricity must be cheaper for consumers and businesses than current electricity.”

The CDU aims for Germany’s “technological leadership” in the fields of sun, wind power, biogas, geothermal energy and hydrogen. “We rely on the strength of the market with freedom and deregulation and we rely on the participation of all with a social balance.”

The CDU advocates exempting renewables from bureaucracy, levies and taxes. This also applies to the storage of electricity. The EEG surcharge should be abolished. There will be a “research and innovation offensive”, an acceleration of planning and approval procedures and a digital and public register of energy systems. Network expansion must also be accelerated.

A financing program with zero-interest loans for the construction of rooftop solar systems, an extension of offshore wind systems and a participation of municipalities in the yields of systems for renewable energies are also planned. According to the wishes of the CDU, the federal government should become a pioneer and equip its properties and spaces with heat pumps as well as photovoltaic and wind turbines.

Laschet stressed that the Union, for example, had “much smarter” ideas than the SPD and the Greens to develop solar power on the roofs, by relying on incentives. “It’s just a different approach – a market-based solution or bans, orders and obligations.”

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