Laschet wants a transatlantic initiative for Afghanistan |

The official reason for the US military intervention in Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks was to fight terrorism. Armin Laschet is proposing a new initiative for the same purpose.

Berlin (dpa) – EU candidate chancellor Armin Laschet has proposed a transatlantic initiative to ensure that Afghanistan does not again become a haven of terrorism after the Taliban come to power.

“We must now work together to prevent a lawless zone in Afghanistan from happening again,” Laschet said Tuesday at an event organized by the “Atlantik-Brücke” association in Berlin. In this context, he also suggested relaunching the so-called Petersberg trial of 2001.

Laschet said whether an Afghan government will tolerate lawless areas is also due to the West’s joint influence – the EU, US, Canada, NATO – on the Taliban government. “If it works in a coordinated fashion, it can be okay.” At the same time, he warned: “If things go wrong in Afghanistan again, terrorism will reach us here again.

Laschet advocated relaunching the Petersberg trial of 2001. “Bringing actors together and bringing new ideas into foreign policy is particularly important in Germany at the moment,” he said. At the Petersberg conference in Koenigswinter near Bonn in 2001, the ethnic groups in Afghanistan agreed on a settlement for permanent government structures. Further conferences on Afghanistan were held later in Berlin and Bonn.

The CDU President and Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia called the development in Afghanistan a warning and a moment of bitterness for the West and all those interested in the transatlantic. Laschet, who is himself a member of the “Atlantik-Brücke”, also criticized the uncoordinated US approach to troop withdrawal: how do we actually do it in an orderly fashion with a perspective of to come up. At the same time, he stressed that there was an opportunity with US President Joe Biden to engage in politics based on shared values.

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