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On Thursday, Microsoft officially announced its latest update to its PC operating system: Windows 11. A new update that includes visual improvements, integration of “Microsoft Teams” for people who work from home and a new Microsoft store, among other changes. The announcement of Windows 11 comes just weeks after rival Apple announced a series of updates to its “MacOS”, and six years after Windows 10. This latest update, a huge success, runs today on approximately 1.3 billion devices around the world.

Microsoft has big ambitions for Win 11

The software giant said its next major version of Windows will be released as a free update over the next several months. A new update that offers a host of new features. Which, according to observers, seems designed to position Microsoft as the company whose products are almost universal and work with devices from Apple, Google and many others.

When choosing which computer or smartphone, you have to choose from several “software ecosystems.” There is Apple software, made for its products, the Mac computer, iPhones, and iPads, all designed to work together. Next up is Google’s Android, which works with a variety of phones, tablets, and computers. But with Windows 11, Microsoft says it wants to break this paradigm.

Among other new features, with Windows 11, Microsoft offers a “Start menu” and a new “Start button” centered on the taskbar. The company also announced new “instant layouts”, providing the user with various window layout options from the “maximize” button so they can choose from various display templates. In addition, thanks to new features in Microsoft Teams, it is now possible to “chat, call, and make video calls with anyone, anywhere in the world.” On any platform or device, including Windows, iOS, Android or others ”.

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