Lavrov: US acts in “the spirit of the cold war” |

US President Biden failed to convince Moscow of his goodwill. Russia accuses him of hypocrisy – but wants to keep talking about disarmament in Washington.

New York (AP) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lavrov has accused US President Joe Biden of hypocrisy over his plea for diplomacy and cooperation.

Before the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Lavrov accused the United States of arrogating to itself the right to decide the democratic status of other countries. Washington’s initiative for a “democracy summit” is “clearly in the spirit of a cold war, as it calls for a new ideological crusade against all who think differently,” Lavrov said. This contradicts Biden’s words that he doesn’t want to see the world split into two blocks.

Lavrov accused the West of using the UN for its own interests or of trying to sideline it. In the event of a conflict, a double standard is applied, depending on the interests at stake, and the right to self-determination is not granted to everyone. With the Western concept of a “rules-based order”, countries with a different point of view should be excluded. For example, Germany and France have announced an alliance for multilateralism, while the ultimate forum for this already exists: the United Nations.

The 76th UN General Debate in New York concludes on Monday. After only recorded video speeches were played in 2020 due to the pandemic, this time again, many heads of state and government traveled to New York, most with smaller delegations than before.

On the sidelines of the conference, Lavrov announced a new round of arms control talks with the United States for the new week. “Regarding our talks with the United States on strategic stability, the first round took place in July and the second is expected to take place next week.” The two largest nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, began new arms control talks in Geneva, Switzerland at the end of July, on which Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin had agreed.

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