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Things have not been going well for the Union and chancellor candidate Armin Laschet for weeks. Even the first TV test wasn’t a breakthrough. But the main CDU politicians support their president.

Berlin (dpa) – After the first major televised debate of the election campaign, the main CDU politicians stood behind the Union’s candidate chancellor, Armin Laschet.

“It was a very good performance and it helps us,” Hessian Prime Minister and Deputy CDU Volker Bouffier said on Monday upon arriving at a meeting of the Presidium of the CDU, the party leadership closest to Laschet. . Saar Prime Minister Tobias Hans said Laschet summed it up and made it clear that the elections were about a directional decision.

In view of the bad values ​​of CDU boss Laschet in a Forsa blitz, which aired Sunday night after the first big televised triad on broadcasters RTL and ntv, Hans said: “A general election is a race for endurance. You need standing qualities. Armin Laschet has it like no other. ”During the televised appearance, Laschet, SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz and green chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock had an exchange of blows.

36% of the roughly 2,500 people polled in the representative survey said Scholz was victorious. 30 percent saw Baerbock in the lead, only 25 percent Laschet. When asked who seemed more sympathetic, Scholz led the way with 38 percent, followed closely by Baerbock (37 percent) and Laschet (25 percent). Laschet, Scholz and Baerbock had debated issues such as foreign and security policy, the debacle in Afghanistan, corona policy, the fight against climate change and fiscal policy.

Bouffier said of the final phase of the election campaign: “It will be a very difficult race.” They will fight with Laschet. At the same time, he pointed out that candidates for chancellor and one candidate were shown on television. But the parties would be elected. The decisive question of the September 26 election is: “Should the Union politically lead this country or the SPD with any left coalition?” Scholz also declined to give the Triell a clear answer as to whether it would enter a government with the Left Party.

Bouffier admitted: “We were ahead four weeks ago. Since then, things have not gone the way we would like. He added: “You cannot appear as Zorngigl now.” Laschet is a serious head of government. “I am convinced: he can be an excellent chancellor.” Scholz is a member of the government and tries to do “something like Angela Merkel”. “But it’s a kind of political heritage that creeps in. We will clarify it. “

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