Like Apple, Google will no longer deliver smartphones with chargers

While the Apple brand was the subject of some ridicule after the decision to hand over its phones without chargers, other companies obviously followed suit. This is Google, which no longer intends to deliver a charging box with its next Smartphones. According to the details that have been made about this decision, the application will be effective from Pixel 6.

An environmental reason

In fact, this range of Smartphones will be the next model that is about to be launched on the Google market. The top had already been released by the Apple brand, which was the first to deliver its phones without chargers. It was the iPhone 12, Apple’s first 5G smartphone to come without a charger case. The apple brand had justified this option on environmental grounds.

Several other structures follow the Iphone12

If among his peers, this decision was strongly criticized at first, then it was adopted by several other companies. Samsung, which had unveiled a post mocking the iPhone12, had to remove it. The South Korean brand has finally joined the dynamics of smartphones delivered without chargers. The same goes for the Chinese Xiaomi that is inspired by this iPhone model.

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