Macky Sall pays tribute to Maram Kaire

The International Astronomical Union has decided to honor a Senegalese named Maram Kaire. In fact, the name of this forty is inscribed on an asteroid in the solar system. It is an honor that was returned to him in memory of the various missions he carried out for NASA in his country. The asteroid that bears the Senegalese name is part of the asteroid belt that gravitates between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

“Humility and pride”

The happy astronomer did not hide his joy after the announcement of this news, which he claims to receive with “great humility and pride.” “What we are doing, today we are aware that we are not doing it for ourselves, but much more for the image of our country at the international and scientific level, but also for future generations,” he said in particular.

“All the pride of Senegal”

The news did not go unnoticed. In the social network of the blue bird, the Senegalese president paid tribute to his compatriot whose name is now engraved in orbit around the Sun. “I mean, here, all the pride of Senegal and I congratulate him for this fine distinction that, by immortalizing him , sublimate your passion and your commitment to astronomy. “Let’s read Macky Sall on Twitter.

An asteroid in the Solar System is now named after Senegalese astronomer Maram KAIRE. I refer here to all the pride of Senegal and I congratulate him on this beautiful distinction that, by immortalizing him, sublimates his passion and his commitment to astronomy.

– Macky Sall (@Macky_Sall) June 30, 2021 View comments

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