Macron praises the French origins of vaccination

(Paris) Vaccination, “it’s French, it’s Louis Pasteur” and messenger RNA, a technology used by several anti-COVID-19 vaccines, is “again a French discovery”, Emmanuel Macron wanted on Tuesday Instagram and TikTok calm down to convince them to be vaccinated.

Posted on Aug 3, 2021 at 8:25 am Updated at 8:50 am

In view of increased mobilization (according to the Interior Ministry, more than 200,000 people across France) during a third consecutive Saturday with demonstrations against the health passport, the head of state started an educational exercise on these social networks on Monday and responded to the with short videos in self-portrait mode Questions from the French.

One of them, wondering about the safety of messenger RNA vaccines, replied Emmanuel Macron: “The vaccine is French first, it’s Louis Pasteur, it’s been a while” and this has made it possible to eradicate many diseases.

As for the messenger RNA: “Another French discovery, it is not yesterday, it is from 1961”, he underlines, referring to the researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris Jacques Monod, François Jacob and François Gros, who then the existence of this RNA have detected RNA.

However, it was the Hungarian Katalin Kariko who worked on this technique for therapeutic purposes and, together with the American Drew Weissman, was the first to master the immune reactions in connection with the transcription of messenger RNA.

When asked about the effectiveness of the anti-COVID-19 vaccination, Emmanuel Macron emphasizes in another video that “85% of the people admitted to the hospital are currently unvaccinated”.

While some internet users welcome the initiative, others remain reluctant, even hostile.

“But how do you compare a smallpox vaccine to this one?” », One Internet user on Instagram asks about RNA technology, while others link vaccination and stroke and pericarditis cases to relatives.

Some have criticized the rise in Pfizer and Moderna vaccine prices, or believed that behind those “iterative and haunted words” by the executive to promote vaccination were “other problems”, particularly financial ones.

A total of 42,895,720 people received at least one injection (or 63.6% of the total population) and 35,738,643 people now have a full vaccination schedule (or 53% of the total population), according to figures from the ministry.

There were 7,840 COVID-19 patients in hospitals as of Monday (or 761 more than a week earlier), including 1,232 in critical care (up from 952), according to Public Health France.

However, the progression of the epidemic appears to be slowing, suggesting a “plateau” in August.

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