Mexico | Storm Grace becomes Category 3 Hurricane

(Veracruz) Grace became a mighty Category 3 hurricane Friday night before reaching the coasts of Mexico for the second time, the US Hurricane Monitoring Center (NHC) said.

Posted on Aug 20, 2021 at 9:02 am Updated at 11:40 pm

“Grace quickly became a major hurricane,” said the NHC, which located the hurricane at 11 p.m. on Saturday 120 kilometers from Tuxpan in the state of Veracruz (east) with sustained winds of 195 km / h. The natural phenomenon had already crossed Mexico via the Yucatan peninsula on Thursday without causing death or major property damage.

Yucatan unscathed


Members of the National Guard remove fallen branches from a street in Merida on August 19.

Grace landed near the resort of Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast on Thursday morning as a Category 1 hurricane. The planes were grounded and tourists were forced to spend the night in special accommodations.

The hurricane hit the Yucatan Peninsula without killing anyone, said Carlos Joaquin, governor of Quintana Roo state. He said water and electricity had been returned to the state.


Local environmental agency workers repair a sea turtle egg sanctuary on Cancun Beach after Hurricane Grace hit the Yucatan Peninsula on August 19, 2021.

Quintana Roo was put on alert and, according to authorities, had evacuated more than 6,000 tourists and residents to emergency shelters in this sparsely populated area.

In the city of Tulum, where employees cleaned up fallen branches and other debris, there was no major damage to property.

Grace had been demoted to a tropical storm on land, but regained her strength when she returned to sea.

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