Mixing vaccines, a “dangerous trend” according to WHO –

Information about the new coronavirus continues to preoccupy the news. According to an expert from the World Health Organization, it would actually be dangerous to make a mix of vaccines against Covid-19. In a virtual meeting, Soumya Swaminathan pointed out that the option chosen by some governments of combining different vaccines from multiple pharmaceutical companies is not appropriate.

“A chaotic situation”

“It’s a somewhat dangerous trend here. We are in a zone with no data and no evidence when it comes to mix and match, ”he noted. “It will be a chaotic situation in countries as citizens begin to decide when and who will take a second, third and fourth dose. “Continued the World Panel Health Scientist.

The case of Canada

These words of the expert intervene in a context in which, in order to contain the crisis related to the shortage of vaccines, certain rulers are offering the possibility of withdrawing products from various pharmaceutical laboratories from their citizens. This is the case in Canada, for example, where last month in the province of Ontario, authorities preferred Moderna’s vaccine for the second dose, while the population was entitled to Pfizer-BioNTech for the first doses.

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