More than 60 percent of the population doubly vaccinated |

Compared to France and Spain, Germany lags behind in terms of vaccination. In the meantime, however, 60 percent of this country’s population is fully immunized.

Berlin (dpa) – More than 60% of Germans are fully vaccinated against the corona virus. This is based on figures from the Robert Koch Institute on Monday (at 10:56 a.m.).

According to this, 79,103 doses of vaccine were administered on Sunday. Just over 54 million people (65 percent) have received at least one vaccination, 50.1 million (60.3 percent) are fully vaccinated.

Among the federal states, Bremen has the highest proportion of primary vaccinations with around 75 percent. The city-state also has the highest proportion of fully immunized residents with 70.4%. Saxony is at the bottom of both rankings with around 55% of primary vaccinations and 51.5% of residents fully vaccinated.

The vaccination campaign against the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 started in Germany at the end of last year. It was first the turn of people over 80, residents of retirement homes, retirement homes and medical staff. Among other things, people with chronic diseases with an increased risk of serious and fatal course were given preference for vaccination. People can now attempt to make an appointment regardless of the priority list that was previously in effect.

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