Mysterious billionaire commands a private space station

The conquest of space is obviously an activity that unleashes passions in the world. Indeed, according to an announcement made by the firm Collins Aerospace, it would have received more than 2.5 million dollars for the construction of one of the first modules of a private space station. The order will have been made by a person who preferred to remain anonymous.

A first time in the private sector

In fact, the structure will provide survival systems whose objective is to purify the air, regulate temperature and pressure. This is the first time that an initiative of this type comes from a private operator. A space station can be quite expensive to launch and operate. Collins Aerospace is not a rookie in the field of space conquest. The structure comes from the merger a few years ago of Rockwell Collins and UTC Aerospace Systems. The different modalities of the construction of the private space station will be dictated by the mysterious client according to the confidences made by the head of the firm, Shawn Macleod.

“A new age”

“A new era for commercial space flight is creating a need for Earth-like atmospheres at low-orbit destinations. This contract underscores Collins’ commitment to working with the public and private sectors in a way that provides the foundation that commercial space travelers need to one day live, work and play in space, ”the firm said in a statement.

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