NASA wants to go there with nuclear rockets

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to use nuclear-powered engines to go to the red planet. To do this, he chose three projects to achieve this goal. The latter groups together several companies from the space, technology and nuclear sectors such as Framatome, Lookheed Martin, General Electric and Blue Origin of the American billionaire Jeff Bezos.

They will receive almost $ 5 million in credit

These companies developing nuclear-powered engine concepts will receive nearly $ 5 million in credit to develop their system. Keep in mind that nuclear power has many advantages in space exploration. In fact, the use of this type of technology would significantly reduce the travel time to the planet Mars. Therefore, astronauts could reach the red planet in 03 months, instead of at least 6 months with a conventional engine. Nuclear-powered engines have twice the thrust capacity, but also greater range compared to the conventional engine.

However, challenges remain. In fact, the nuclear engine must not be heavy to allow for a successful takeoff. In addition, it must be resistant to the high temperatures of a space launcher. As a reminder, this is not the first time NASA has worked on a nuclear powered engine. It was from the 1950s that the US agency began experimenting with nuclear propulsion.

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