NASA wants to simulate life on Mars and is looking for volunteers

A new study on the red planet will be carried out in the coming months. The only difference is that the experiment will be carried out on planet earth. According to a statement made public by NASA, it is planned to simulate life on Mars. As part of this project, the US space agency intends to recruit certain people to stay for a year in habitats designed for such as on Mars.

Three sets of 356 days

The US agency’s press release specifies that the purpose of the mission is to determine “what methods and techniques they developed to prevent and solve possible problems in future human space missions to the Moon and Mars.” The project is scheduled to go into effect in the fall of next year. It is divided into three series of 356 days. Each mission will consist of a crew of four. They will live and work in a 158 square meter module.

Various selection criteria

The module called Mars Dune Alpha is designed using 3D printing. The conditions of stay will be comparable to those of a mission in March. According to the details provided by NASA, the participants in the simulation mission will be selected according to well-defined criteria. They must have a master’s degree in engineering, mathematics, or biological, physical, or computer science. If they do not have at least two years of experience in these different fields, they must have “a minimum of 1000 hours of piloting an airplane”.

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