NASA warns of rare floods on Earth

NASA experts have claimed that movements in the moon’s orbit will affect the floods of the next decade. A lunar oscillation that will significantly impact the lives and daily lives of millions of people and will force coastal cities to adapt.

This study, conducted in collaboration with the University of Hawaii, shows that this phenomenon could start quite quickly. Cities near the coast will be flooded three or even four times more than usual. Which raised a real questioning about the infrastructures located in the vicinity.

The lunar orbit has an impact on the tides

This change in the Moon’s orbit is a natural cycle, occurring every 18.6 years. But this time, the impact could be much greater, particularly due to the effects of global warming. Uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions, rising temperatures, and even melting ice lead to fear for the worst.

A natural cycle, reinforced by climate change

Low altitude areas are the main affected. In fact, the ones that lead to the floods could well be the first victims of this lunar modification. Over time, the economic impacts could be dire as well as the impact on companies and populations, who will be forced to migrate.

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