National electoral participation at the polls in the afternoon at 36.5% |

The turnout across Germany on Sunday afternoon is lower than in the previous election.

Berlin (ots) – In today’s federal elections, the turnout at the polls, i.e. on the spot at the polling station, was 36.5% until 2 p.m. In the 2017 federal election, the turnout at the same time was 41.1%. However, votes cast by postal voters are not taken into account.

“The currently determined turnout is, as expected, lower than the 2017 value, since we assume a significantly higher proportion of mail order voters whose turnout will be determined at a later time as part of the determination of the final results. elections, “said Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel.

The Federal Returning Officer determined this provisional statute for voter participation in cooperation with regional election officials on the basis of voter turnout at selected polling stations for the whole of Germany and thanks all election officials which contribute to the smooth running of the elections. “By holding this honorary office, the many election workers are doing a great service to our democracy – and therefore to all of us.”

The federal returning officer calls on all eligible voters who have not yet voted to exercise their right to vote. Polling stations are open until 6:00 p.m. In the last federal election in 2017, the turnout according to the official final result was 76.2%.

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