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After the well-publicized space flights of billionaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, another billionaire also wants to venture into space tourism. In fact, it is Elon Musk with his company SpaceX, who will organize a mission called Inspiration4. This one, which will take place during the month of September 2021, will have a special touch with the participation of the American streaming giant, Netflix.

Inspiration4 was funded by businessman Jared Isaacman

SpaceX broke the news, highlighting that its partnership with the latter will aim to film the best moments of this space journey. To do this, Netflix will produce a miniseries about the mission, which will consist of five episodes. Please note that no precise date has been communicated regarding the departure of the flight. However, we know that the trip will last three days. For the record, Inspiration4 was funded by businessman Jared Isaacman, head of Shift4 Payments. During the flight, you will be accompanied by three other people, who must be drawn by lottery. To participate, you must register on the mission platform. However, the winners have already been known since they were drawn a few days ago.

This space trip, which is SpaceX’s first, is a show of force after those made by Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) and Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson), on July 11 and 20. Funds resulting from the drawing will be donated on behalf of a charity linked to Saint Jude Hospital in Memphis.

This September, four civilians will launch into space for a three-day trip orbiting Earth.

Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space, Netflix’s first documentary series to cover an event in near real time, will premiere in five pre-mission and post-mission parts.

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