Netflix will offer video games in its offer in 2022

Netflix is ​​a streaming service that offers a wide selection of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other shows. But no video games, well, not yet. Certainly, the service has many popular video game-based titles that are currently available or in the works. But so far, the multinational had not taken the step. However, according to the American cultural press, the streaming giant has plans to offer video games directly on its platform from 2022.

Video games directly on your TV

Netflix has not publicly confirmed the possible extension of its efforts in game offerings. Indeed, the company tried a secret experiment with “Telltale Games”, an American game development company, on a game based on the famous “Stranger Things” series. But the project fell through and he died before the announcement. Since then, Netflix has been up and running. Recently, the company said it knows that its members “appreciate the variety and quality of its content and like to interact more directly with the stories they love through interactive programs or games.”

Thus, Netflix could become as of 2022 a distribution platform for television programs, movies and video games. An American media recently revealed that the company hired Mike Verdu, a renowned executive in the video game industry. Mike Verdu, who recently left Facebook, will take on the role of Vice President of Game Development at Netflix. According to experts, the executive is recognized for his work at Oculus, a virtual reality creation company; in addition to having worked with Electronic Arts (EA) in successful works such as “Fifa” and “The Sims”.

In fact, Verdu should help strengthen the company’s ” Games ” department so that it can start streaming games in the next 12 months. Furthermore, the company will not create a separate platform for its upcoming video games, but will instead make them available alongside its shows and movies in its own category. Furthermore, the streaming giant apparently has no plans to charge more for access to the game, although it is unclear if the additional content will lead to a price increase in the future.

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