New Hope from Japan –

In Japan, researchers have reportedly succeeded in understanding the mechanism that can prevent the virus from replicating in cells in the human body. After extensive research, they published the results in the journal Nature Immunology. The RIG-1 protein would be at the heart of their discovery.

The latter actually acts as an alarm when it is attacked by a disease or a virus. It is she who recognizes it and triggers an immune response. According to the researchers, even if the protein is sufficiently available but no immune response is triggered, the virus does not run the risk of spreading.

New discovery in Japan

A key finding, especially in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a condition that is considered a comorbidity in people with Covid-19. They say that by improving RIG-1 levels with tretinoid, a form of vitamin A, they could prevent the virus from replicating.

Also tested an anti-Covid tablet

However, this is just a hypothesis and nothing to suggest that it is feasible. In fact, new research will be conducted in the coming months to ensure the benefits of this announcement. At another time, Pfizer was also working on a new drug in the form of an antiviral tablet. A treatment that is currently being tested by hundreds of people.

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