Nicaragua | The Supreme Electoral Council dismisses the main opposition in the next elections

(Managua) The Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua (CSE) on Friday disqualified the Citizens’ Party for Freedom (CxL, right), the main opposition formation against President Daniel Ortega, who is seeking a fourth consecutive term, from the November 7 elections.

Posted on Aug 6, 2021 at 7:45 pm

“The legal personality of the political party Citizens for Freedom (CxL) [a été] canceled ”, reads a decision of the CSE read out by the secretary of the electoral court Luis Luna.

President Ortega, a 75-year-old former Sandinista guerrilla, and his wife and Vice President Rosario Murillo, 70, now have no serious candidate to run against them on November 7th.

The elimination of the CxL from the election campaign comes a few hours after a request from the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC, right), which is accused of appeasing the government.

The PLC argued that the CxL party “as president Carmella Rogers Amburn, who has dual citizenship (American and Nicaraguan)” has “a notorious violation of law”.

As a result, according to the PLC, the CSE had to “declare the nullity of all acts of the CxL party”.

The CxL party had already been withdrawn from its vice-presidential candidate, Miss Nicaragua 2017 Berenice Quezada, this week. The latter’s house was surrounded by police on Tuesday after a group of supporters of President Ortega’s government accused them of launching an “implicit call for violence and hatred”.

CxL had nominated Oscar Sobalvarro, a 68-year-old former counter-revolutionary, and Berenice Quezada, a former beauty queen with no political experience, as candidates for president and vice-president in late July.

According to the election calendar, the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) has until August 9 to validate the candidacies for the presidential elections. But even before its abolition, the CxL had all the difficulties in the world to convince another candidate to apply for the vice president.

Two other opposition parties have already been disqualified by the CSE in recent months: the Conservative Party and the Democratic Restoration Party.

A total of 31 members of the opposition, including seven presidential candidates, have been arrested since early June for money laundering or treason under a law passed in late 2020, the political implications of which make it possible to silence the opposition that has sparked an international outcry.

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