Nigeria | Dozens of kidnapped students are released, six dead in captivity

(Katsina) Dozens of students at an Islamic seminary in western Nigeria who were abducted nearly three months ago, and six of whom died in captivity, have been released, the school principal said Thursday.

Posted on Aug 26, 2021 at 6:23 pm

On May 30, about 200 heavily armed men broke into the city of Tegina, West Niger State, and abducted 136 students from the Salihu Tanko Muslim private school. Nigeria has suffered a number of mass kidnappings in schools and universities since December.

Six of Tegina’s students died in captivity, and 15 more had escaped in June, according to the school administration.

“The students have all been released. We are in the process of bringing her home, ”Headmaster Abubakar Alhassan told AFP over the phone. “I can’t give you an exact number now. We need to examine them as soon as we get home. But none of the students is in captivity ”.

He did not provide details about the release of the students.

One parent, Fati Abdullahi, of whom the 18-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy were among the kidnapped students, confirmed that his children were free.

Northwest and central Nigeria are experiencing an increase in attacks, looting and mass kidnappings by criminal gangs known locally as “bandits”. But this year gangs began targeting school children and students for ransom.

Bandits who kidnapped a hundred students from a Baptist high school in Kaduna state (northwest) in early July freed 15 of their prisoners for ransom, a family representative said on Sunday.

About 1,000 high school students have been kidnapped since December when gangs began raiding schools. Most were released after negotiations, but hundreds remain imprisoned in camps hidden in forests.

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