“No dose left a European factory for Africa” ​​criticized the AU –

To help all countries in the world respond effectively to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) set up the Covax device to provide a vaccine to poor countries. So far, only 90 million doses of vaccine have been distributed on the African continent. While the amount of doses to be distributed across the continent is expected to exceed that number, the African Union (AU) Special Envoy for the Covid Response Strive Masiyiwa has attacked the Covax device, La Free reported.

According to the special envoy, who mainly attacked European countries, these did not deliver the promised dose to the system. “No dose, no lightbulb has left a European factory for Africa,” he regretted at the La Libre microphone. Although Europeans funded the Covax vaccine dose distribution system, primarily AstraZeneca, it should be noted that it was manufactured under license in India under the Covishield name. In addition, this vaccine has been suspended in several European countries because of its reported side effects, including some deaths.

This has left many people afraid of getting the vaccine, despite health officials’ assurances that injecting the vaccine means more than it doesn’t. In recent days, the WHO warned of a third wave of the virus with the Delta variant, which could be more contagious in Africa, the continent least affected by the crisis.

“The Threat in Africa on a Whole New Level”

“The rampant spread of the more contagious varieties takes the threat in Africa to a whole new level,” warned Ms. Moeti, WHO regional director for Africa, in a statement. In addition, Ms. Moeti assured that WHO has provided technical support to strengthen the capacities of African countries to carry out genome sequencing on new variants. In order to contain the occurrence of mutations, it is essential that the vaccine is used quickly.

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