No more PCR testing without a doctor’s prescription –

The Beninese government is revising the way PCR tests are carried out as part of the fight against the coronavirus. In fact, Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin points out in a correspondence addressed to health stakeholders that it is no longer possible to carry out Covid-PCr tests without a doctor’s prescription. It is now forbidden to do them in the various locations.

The Ministerial Communication provides for a special exemption for travelers, particularly at the airport, convention center and VIP location level. According to Minister Hounkpatin, a PCR test can only be carried out with a doctor’s prescription. This measure is part of the process of integrating the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The note of May 11, 2021 clarifies the importance of PCR tests, which are often left to the citizen. Remember, the PCR test consists of finding the genetic material of the virus with a swab from the throat, nose, or nasopharynx. The result will be authentic between 3 to 6 hours.

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