North Korea considers declaration of end of war a good idea |

The radio silence should have ended long ago, but the crisis between the two Korean states continued. Now there are signs from the north of a possible rapprochement – but under certain conditions.

Seoul (AP) – Communist North Korea is ready to resume talks with South Korea under certain conditions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s influential sister Kim Yo Jong called South Korean President Moon Jae In’s renewed attempt to officially declare the end of the Korean War (1950-1953) “an interesting idea and excellent “.

At the same time, she accused South Korea of ​​provoking North Korea in the past and criticized it on several occasions. If South Korea renounces its hostile stance, Pyongyang could hold “constructive discussions” on developing the relationship, Kim told state media on Friday.

At the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, Moon called for talks with the largely isolated neighboring North Korea to resume as quickly as possible. He also suggested that the two Korean states meet with the United States and perhaps four of them with China to officially declare the end of the Korean War after the ceasefire reached in 1953. The Korean Peninsula is still in a state of war under international law because a peace treaty has not yet been concluded.

Kim Yo Jong cautioned against agreeing early on an end-of-war declaration. We have to ask ourselves “if the time has come for this and if the conditions are right to discuss it”.

Shortly before, North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Ri Thae Song had called a declaration of the end of the war “somewhat premature”. The United States could use such a statement as cover to cover up its “hostile policy,” he told state media.

While Ri’s statement focused primarily on the United States, Kim Yo Jong mainly directed his remarks to South Korea. South Korea and North Korea reopened their official communications links in July after a long radio silence. However, North Korea has stopped responding to calls from South Korea to protest the joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States in August. Before that, the sister of the North Korean leader threatened that North Korea would develop its capabilities for powerful preemptive strikes.

North Korea is subject to severe international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program. Negotiations between the United States and North Korea over its nuclear program have not advanced for more than two and a half years.

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