North Korea fires at least one projectile at sea |

North Korea had already tested two missiles in mid-September – a provocation for South Korea. At least one projectile was fired again towards the Sea of ​​Japan.

Seoul (AP) – North Korea has again fired at least one unidentified projectile into the sea, according to a report.

The projectile was fired in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan (Korean: East Sea), as South Korean News Agency Yonhap reported on Tuesday, citing the South Korean General Staff.

Initially, no details were available on the exact number of projectiles, their type, launch location and flight range. UN resolutions prohibit the self-proclaimed nuclear power North Korea from testing ballistic missiles, which, depending on their design, can also carry a nuclear warhead.

The country is subject to severe international sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program. South Korean President Moon Jae In called North Korea’s test of two short-range ballistic missiles in mid-September a “provocation.”

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