North Korean missiles | No agreement in the UN Security Council for a joint declaration

(United Nations) The UN Security Council met urgently on Friday for the last tests of North Korea’s missiles, without being able to agree on a joint declaration, as France wanted, it learned from diplomatic sources.

Posted on Oct 1, 2021 at 2:10 pm

The meeting lasted a little over an hour behind closed doors and was requested by the US – a rare initiative since 2017 – by France and the UK. The aim of the meeting was to investigate the Pyongyang missile fire earlier this week, which was presented as hypersonic by the North Koreans. Pyongyang has since announced that it had successfully tested a “newly developed” anti-aircraft missile on Thursday.

“France wanted a press release, but Russia and China said this is not the time to analyze the situation,” a diplomat told AFP.

The French diplomatic mission abroad was initially not available to comment.

Since 2017, the year in which Donald Trump’s administration unanimously passed three severe economic sanctions against North Korea following nuclear and missile tests, the Security Council has never reached a common position.

China and Russia have repeatedly called for the sanctions to be partially lifted. Even eight months after taking office, Joe Biden’s new administration has not yet developed a clear strategy towards North Korea.

“They tell us that they will continue to study the files,” says a council ambassador on condition of anonymity and regrets a similar American wait-and-see attitude in many other files on the Security Council table (Middle East, Western Sahara …).

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