Nurse arrested in Germany after vaccination with salt water

There is a lot of controversy going on in Germany right now, as thousands of people are expected to be vaccinated again after a nurse is allowed to inject patients with saline instead of a vaccine against the coronavirus. Almost 9,000 people who may have received counterfeit vaccines in the spring will be offered new vaccines, Frisian District Administrator Sven Ambrosy said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The unnamed nurse initially admitted to injecting six patients with saline after the suspicion was raised in April. She said she did this to cover up the fact that she dropped an ampoule of Pfizer vaccine, German TV station NDR reported. However, since antibody tests were done, it can be assumed that a much larger group of people was affected. Police also found that the woman who worked for the Red Cross had shared skeptical messages about vaccines on social media, NDR said.

All are over 70 years old

Local authorities said they did not know how many of the 8,577 people who could have been affected had not received a real vaccine, but are advising everyone to get the vaccine again as a precaution. Those who received the vaccines are all over 70 years old, German media reported, making them more susceptible to Covid-19, which killed more than 91,000 people in the country.

At a press conference, police investigator Peter Beer said there was a “reasonable suspicion of danger”. He said the officials would work to ensure that an incident like this never happens again in the Friesland district. This isn’t the first time vaccinations have gone wrong. Earlier this year, a 23-year-old Italian woman mistakenly received six injections of the Pfizer vaccine from a distracted nurse who authorities say was ignored.

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