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of patients develop overpowering antibodies

Some Covid-19 patients develop quite versatile antibodies that can control the virus as well as several variants. You should at least remember this from a publication that appeared a few months ago in the science magazine “Science”. According to the American radio NPR, which published the study last Tuesday, the immunologist Shane Crotty found that some carriers of the virus have a resistance that he describes as “of impressive strength”.

This is an extraordinary immune response against the disease. These people’s bodies produce quite high levels of antibodies and are very flexible. You can withstand all the variants that are circulating in the world today. “It’s a bit more speculative, but I also suspect that these patients have some protection against the SARS-like viruses that have not yet infected humans,” said Dr. Bieniasz, the author of the report in August.

Six variants could be neutralized

This study showed that certain antibodies were able to neutralize six worrisome variants of Covid-19. These various studies do not make it possible for the time being to find any other solution that, according to the demands of the scientists, would be more effective than vaccination.

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