Ofarim’s charge of anti-Semitism: hotel employees on leave |

Musician Gil Ofarim reported on Instagram about an anti-Semitic incident in Leipzig. Police are investigating and the hotel employee involved has reportedly been allowed time off.

Leipzig (dpa) – After accusations of anti-Semitism by musician Gil Ofarim, two employees of a hotel in Leipzig have been granted leave. This applies initially for the duration of the investigation, said Wednesday morning a spokesperson for the Marriott group.

Ofarim reported in an Instagram video posted Tuesday that he was overlooked by employees when checking in at the Westin Hotel due to his Star of David channel. He recounted how he ended up in a queue. Again and again, people have been preferred. When it was his turn after 15 minutes, he asked what it was. The employee replied, “To straighten out the queue,” Ofarim himself was in it. Thereupon, “someone from the corner” shouted that he should pack his star. The hotel clerk also said, “Pack your star.”

Police have opened an investigation and, according to their own statements, wanted to submit the investigation documents to the prosecution for legal review on Wednesday. It was not known if Ofarim had filed a complaint on Wednesday morning.

The Star of David is one of the most famous symbols associated with Judaism. It consists of a hexagram formed of two isosceles triangles intertwined. Although the hexagram appears as a Jewish symbol as early as the 7th century BC, the Star of David has only adorned synagogues since the Middle Ages and the flag of the State of Israel since 1948. During National Socialism , the Star of David was imposed on the Jews as a stigma (“Star of David”).

On Tuesday evening, hundreds of people took part in a rally in solidarity with the Jews of Germany in front of the hotel, to which the alliance “Leipzig is taking place” had called. Police initially estimated the number of participants to be in the “average three-digit range,” a spokeswoman said.

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