PCR testing is now done with a doctor’s prescription –

In Benin, the government has taken new measures regarding Covid-19 testing. From now on it is no longer possible to carry out this at the designated locations as in the past. “With the exception of the system set up for travelers (airport, convention center and VIP locations), a PCR test can only be carried out with a doctor’s prescription,” said the official government website.

Integrate PCR tests into the health structures activity package

In other words, Covid-19 tests are now done on a doctor’s prescription. It is a decision by Health Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin. The May 11, 2021 memo has been sent to the health pyramid players. However, the government reminds that the tests will remain free.

Once the citizen has their doctor’s prescription, they can go to a designated health facility to have their test done. The aim of the Minister of Health with this decision is to integrate PCR tests into the package of measures of public and private health institutions.

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