Pediatricians: Check for Mandatory Vaccination for Teachers and Nurses |

Anyone who works in daycares, schools and clinics and refuses a vaccination has “lost their mind”, explains the head of pediatricians. And demands consequences that “hurt”.

Berlin (dpa) – The president of the professional association of pediatricians, Thomas Fischbach, spoke about corona vaccination for certain professional groups.

“If many nursery, school and clinic workers continue to refuse vaccinations, the legislator should seriously consider compulsory vaccination in these sensitive areas,” said Fischbach of the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “Anyone who takes care of vulnerable groups and rejects their own vaccination has lost their mind. “

“Tighten the reins”

In addition to politics, the head of the association also considers the company doctors of the clinics to be responsible. “Medical staff need to be educated and reminded of their duty to help patients and protect them from infection,” said Fischbach. Anyone who refuses to do so must feel the consequences, “which hurt”.

He stressed that hospitals or nursing homes could issue refusals of vaccination. “If there are still outbreaks in nursing homes after months of excess immunization, you need to tighten the reins, and the lack of skilled workers shouldn’t be a counter argument,” he said. declared.

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