Perseverance rover will bring a sample of Mars back to Earth

The US space agency reported on the Perseverance rover on Friday, August 6. In fact, through a post on the bluebird social network, NASA confirmed that the Perseverance rover has taken an important step in its mission. A March soil sample was taken after drilling. The images sent by the robot allow to see the rock drilled with a hole.

“My first piercing on Mars!”

“My first drilling on Mars! Collecting and storing rock samples is a large and complex task, and it is a big step. Next step: processing. It should be noted that NASA left reading on Twitter to confirm the activities carried out by the Perseverance rover. Before drilling, the robot will have performed a detailed analysis of the area. According to the details, he would have worked on “a geological double” of the rock to be extracted.

Analysis will continue on Earth

Therefore, the Perseverance rover’s next task will be to study the sample taken. It will analyze the chemical and mineral composition of the rock that it may have had. The merit of this review will be to measure the volume of this content and also take a photo of it. Then the analyzes will continue on Earth once the tube is shipped.

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