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How are the countries organizing themselves in view of the massive introduction of the delta variant? For them there is only one solution, vaccination. Whether it is the Arn Messager vaccines or the others, they are all effective against Covid and its variants. But at what point in time? Some studies show they would be, but a little less than expected.

In fact, a study commissioned by the Ministry of Health in Israel shows that the vaccination (2 doses) from Pfizer-BioNTech is 64% effective in preventing classic Covid-19, compared to 90% before. However, the vaccine is still relevant and effective (93%) in preventing hospital stays.

The Pfizer vaccine, less effective than expected?

At Moderna, the numbers do not vary or only very little. For Johnson & Johnson, the vaccine is also effective against the Delta variant and for a period of at least eight months. However, the research carried out in Israel is based on a variant that has only recently arrived. Some clinical and preclinical studies are therefore incomplete and are still ongoing.

Studies, still in progress

Likewise, the Israeli Ministry of Health did not disclose what methodology was used to obtain these results. So we have to get new data, new numbers, in order to see more clearly. Researchers could also reach out to the UK for new information as the country faces a new wave of delta-related cases.

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