Pill instead of vaccine? (advanced research) –

Since the appearance of the new coronavirus in the world, pharmaceutical companies have focused on developing vaccines to fight the disease. Although some were later noticed for its side effects, vaccination campaigns in many countries have reduced the spread of the virus. After the vaccines, scientists turned to a swallow pill to fight the virus.

AT-527 tested on nearly 1,400 people

Two projects are running and are already bearing fruit. On the one hand, we have the drug from the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche. Working with the American company Atea Pharmaceticals, it was possible to develop a product called AT-527, which was tested with around 1,400 participants in Japan and on the European continent. In addition, the product could be launched next year. In an interview with a French media company, Atea CEO Jean-Pierre Sommadossi said: “We expect to get regulatory approval by the end of the year and bring the drug to market in 2022.”

A treatment originally developed for influenza

The second project is that of the American laboratory Merck, which works together with the biotechnology company Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. The two companies developed a drug called molnupiravir, which was originally developed for influenza. Almost a hundred people have now received it with no side effects noted. This is a treatment that has been shown to be particularly effective because after a while the virus will no longer be present. Analysis of several dozen people showed that after five days, the virus was no longer present in the patients who received it. In addition, the drug has been tested on an additional 1,450 adults and the results will be announced shortly.

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